pitney-bowes-logoSTAMFORD, CT – On November 30, 2009, the Pitney Bowes company announced a new online list management service for organizations that either use direct mail infrequently or who send mostly a small volume of direct mail.

Primarily targeted for small businesses, the new service is called AddressRightNow.The AddressRightNow platform is used to update mailing lists based on the US Postal Service change of address records and to eliminate incorrect mailing addresses. People using this new service will upload a mailing list to a Pitney Bowes Web site, and the mailing addresses and formats get corrected.

There already exists options for large mailers, but this new service addresses a need for small mailers and infrequent mailers.

The cost for the service is and $60 for the first 1,000 addresses for move update and address verification and $6 for each additional 1,000 addresses. The cost for address verification only is $40 for the first 1,000 addresses. The company also offers the service as an ongoing subscription.

According to Jeff Platt, Director of Solutions Marketing for US Mailing at Pitney Bowes, the service new will help companies meet US Postal Service regulations for updating address lists. Mailing list updates must be applied 95 days before the mailing. As of January 4, 2010, mailings that do not conform to these new Postal rules will be subject to additional postage of 7 cents per assessed piece.

The service allows mailers to fix errors via the Internet and can also check if an address is deliverable plus it can convert rural addresses to city addresses.

When a mailing list is uploaded to the website it can be scanned for issues that lead to undeliverable mail. For example, the service can alert mailers when someone on their lists has moved, and then provide them with new mailing addresses. The new service also has auto-matching capability.

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