Patrick Donahoe, the Postmaster General United States Postal Office, declared his plan to reduce the number of mail delivery days to five, as it would save the agency an estimated $2 billion a year. Facing critical financial conditions, Donahoe hoped that the Congress would support the agency for this plan. As it has turned out, Congress has no such plans for the agency as of yet. USPS is losing millions of dollars a day and are unable to do anything about the situation as the law doesn’t support them.The agency has already been doing a lot to cut their costs; mainly by eliminating people and shutting down their offices. They have saved almost $15 billion to date. But when it is losing millions of dollars on a daily basis, this amount doesn’t seem much. Donahoe was hoping that the lawmakers would remove the rule, but the House has now declared that it has no intentions of limiting the direct mail service to five days; which came for many as a huge disappointment.

Not only this, but the Congress is also not allowing the agency to close down its rural offices. The current situation can be traced back to the time when the agency was made to set aside $55 billion to cover the medical of future retiree’s. This is a rule that only USPS has to follow, no other agency has to pay that much for benefits.

USPS needs to change according to the changing trends in technology. Congress should not come in the way of this change. In my opinion, if Congress does not let the government take operations money from the taxpayers, USPS should go forward with implementing all their cost cutting methods including five days mail delivery.