Marketing a small business can be challenging—it’s expensive to produce the piece, let alone mail it out to a list of prospects. Sending it to every house in your geographic region can make a lot of sense and save you money. Saturation mailing lists (also known as Occupant and Resident Lists) are a sure-fire tool to reach customers in a specific location without sacrificing response.

Saturation mailing lists give you complete geographic coverage at a lower cost than other targeted lists, but still allow you to choose who your mailing reaches. With saturation mailing lists, you can choose neighborhoods based on demographics such as zip code, dwelling type, or average household income. For many businesses this is a better fit than using the post office’s blanket every door direct mail (EDDM) because:

  • You can address your piece, making it more personal than an EDDM piece—and that means your response rates will be higher.
  • You have the flexibility to print your piece in the best size for the objectives of the campaign, whereas with EDDM you have to use a flat size format.
  • You can customize your mailing at the zip code level to reach the right customers, rather than doing pulls from a larger radius (which may include areas that aren’t really in your target geographic radius).

Alesco’s Resident Database contains over 138 million addresses throughout all 50 states, and the file updates weekly using USPS and census bureau data—making it twice as complete and accurate as the next closest file. This is good news for you because it means your offer will be delivered to the maximum number of addresses in any neighborhood (“the saturation rate”). And you still save money on postage since your piece is sorted in the sequence of USPS carrier routes.

Our database contains approximately 80% of head of household first and last name information. Saturation lists also allow you to personalize a portion of the addresses in your campaign (not available on a stand-alone basis).

Are you ready to promote your business in the local market? A saturation mailing list is a cost-effective way to reach new customers in whatever location you want. Learn more about saturation lists.

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