How to Grow Your Financial Services Firm

If you are like most financial services firms, you need more than just a great financial mailing list to grow your business. You need to develop direct mail campaigns that show your customers you care about them, that demonstrate your vast knowledge of financial markets, and keep you at the forefront of their minds. Your prospects are educated consumers, and they expect you to give them exactly what they want in order to get their business.

Understanding Financial Services Marketing

To understand what today’s savvy consumer wants, it’s important to understand three financial services marketing trends that are here to stay because they dictate what you need to do with your marketing.

  1. Customer engagement. You know how important face time with your customers is—that’s why you want them to come see you to talk over their investments. Nothing beats face time for building trust and rapport. But in our digital world, many people prefer to interact online (getting back to that convenience thing). Learning how to engage your customers in a digital world is critical for your success.
  2. Study customer data. Financial services providers are accustomed to collecting and analyzing customer data—that is simply one more component of developing an investment plan. With the explosion of web analytics and social media you now have new sources of data with which to understand your customers—and your prospects. This data provides wonderful insight, but it also adds a new level of complexity to your marketing efforts. Sorting through this massive amount of data can be a job unto itself.
  3. Take segmentation to the next level. You no doubt have your customers and prospects divided into different segments, such as net-worth, age, and gender. But that’s not enough anymore. Do you know their communication preferences, what time of day they prefer to look at their finances, and other micro details? It’s all there in the data you’re collecting. This level of detail means you can develop specific messages and campaigns for different segments of your list. It also means customers expect to have more targeted messages delivered to them, so you really need to do this if you want to reach them.

Making Sense of it All

If your head is spinning, you’re not alone. The fact is, as a financial services provider, it is no longer enough to understand the financial markets. You also have to understand your customers and their buying habits and behaviors.

That’s where Mailing Lists Direct can help. We not only offer quality mailing lists for the financial services market, we can help you better manage your customer data—no matter what stage of the marketing cycle you are in.

Our process includes:

Data Hygiene—We will take your data, clean it up, flag it accordingly and get it back to you in a way you can actually use in your marketing efforts.

Market Analysis—We can take the data we’ve just organized for you and analyze it to spot opportunities and specific purchasing habits. You’ll be able to communicate with customers about specific issues of interest to them, and that will lead to more sales.

Create Models—We will use this insight to build models that can be applied to your prospecting efforts when renting mailing lists. You will grow your portfolio and develop campaigns that show your customers you care about their financial health.

In today’s data-driven marketing world, you have more opportunity than ever to distinguish yourself from the competition. With a good list and a customer-focused marketing plan, now is the time for your financial services business to thrive.

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