As much as people research products and services, chances are they will end up buying from the business that first makes them a great offer. Make sure that business is yours with a pre-movers list.

Marketers have long used new movers and homeowner lists to reach people in particular geographic regions. And the lists are successful because those people need many new services in the first six months they live in their new home. But for some businesses, reaching customers before they move is ideal.

How to Get to Your New Customers First

Nearly 70% of people who are moving will stay in the same geographic region, so marketing to pre-movers makes sense. A pre-movers list is perfect for cable and satellite television—a service people want hooked up and ready to use the day they move in. These lists are also good for home alarm systems, lawn and pool services, cleaning companies, and any sort of home construction or repair business. All of these are services homeowners want to arrange before they move into their new home.

The pre-movers list provide valuable information too. Did you know that most people spend the same or more on their new home? Knowing the list price of the home will give you an idea of their income level.

Moving is seasonal, with spring and summer being when most people move. This is in part because parents want their children to finish off the school year before the transition. So now is the time to develop a pre-movers campaign and reach those valuable new customers before your competitors.

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