How to Effectively Use Business Owner Lists

Business to business marketing can be a challenge, especially when it’s the owners you want to reach. There is a paradox in marketing to business owners: they are busy running their business and don’t have the time to take unsolicited sales calls (we know of one small business owner who gives vendors a code word to use when they call—no code word and the receptionist won’t put the call through). At the same time, business owners are eager to talk to vendors who can offer them a tool or service that will help them run their business more efficiently. So how do you let them know you have a great product or service for them when you can’t actively reach them during business hours to tell them about it?

Reach them at home. People at home tend to be more relaxed yet still open to receiving business related information. There aren’t 50 pressing business matters competing for their attention at home. A business owners at home address postal and email list can help you find the business owners you’re looking for. Filter the list for better more targeted data or launch a multi-channel campaign by renting both postal and email records.

Make the Most of Your Business Owners Mailing List

Whether you send a direct mail piece, call, or use another touch point, the key to getting the most out of your business owners list is to give your prospect what they need. If your direct marketing efforts follow these three guidelines, business owners will be happy to hear from you from the comfort of their home:

  1. Offer something that will make operations easier for them. This applies to both what you are selling and working with you. Every hour counts for a business owner. Show how many hours working with you will save them.
  2. Offer a discount. It doesn’t need to be huge. A 10% or 15% discount is enough to make many business owners take notice. Remember every dollar counts.
  3. Provide value. Business owners are loyal. For them to leave a vendor they’re currently working with, you need to demonstrate the value you offer. While they like a discount, they will pay more money for products and services that save (or make) them money in the long run.

Getting a business owner’s attention can be hard, but once you have it, they’ll want to work with you. Reaching them at home is a great way to establish a connection that can lead to a valuable relationship.

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