WILMINGTON, DE – The Implix company has released a new marketing study called “Email Marketing and Social Media Integration Report” at its website at GetResponse.com. The new report can be obtained as a free download here.

The report focuses on the use of social media links within email marketing and its affect on click through rates (CTRs). The marketing study analyzed social media integration and sharing using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and MySpace. The study was derived from nearly 500 million e-mails sent out by 19,149 GetResponse customers.

The study compares emails sent out with and without a social sharing option. The study was eye opening because it shows that emails sent out with a social sharing option generated 30 percent higher click-through-rates that those that were sent out without one.

Multiple Social Sharing Options Fare Better Than Emails With Only One

According to the report, messages with multiple sharing options generated higher CTRs than those without fewer or no social sharing options:

The results are nothing short of stunning because the implications are clear. Higher CTRs translate into higher ROI, so it is obvious that small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) should be taking advantage of social sharing in their email marketing.

Comparing Results From Twitter and Facebook

The report showed that simply including a Twitter sharing option returned over 40 percent higher CTRs than messages without any social media links.

In the study Twitter was the most popular social sharing option from the emails that were sent out in the sampling. Twitter was included in 67.2 percent of all social emails while Facebook was included in 62.7 percent.

The report showed that in the sampling that was analyzed, 60 percent of all social e-mails included only one sharing icon and 11.2 percent of social emails included 3 icons or more.