FT MEYERS, FL – Florida based mailing list company, Alesco Data is providing mailing lists for troubled Gulf Coast businesses in the wake of the BP oil spill. The local coastal areas, well-known for their beaches and tourist attractions, have been hurt by the recent oil spill from British Petroleum.

In an effort to help in the cleanup efforts, Alesco Data is helping contractors promote their services to local businesses by providing mailing lists that are specifically targeted to Gulf Coast areas.

Not only are they are able to help contactors promote to troubled business who need their services but they also provide mailing lists to local businesses who wish to assure tourists that their beaches are clean and in good shape.

Alesco Data not only offers high quality mailing lists but also provides a consultative approach to bring solutions to its customers that will make an immediate impact on their business.

Michael Sklorenko, Alesco Data CEO, is a long time resident in the local area and he understands the needs of the local businesses. His company has thousands of clients, from sole proprietors to Fortune 1000 companies. Sklorenko emphasizes that his company can provide tested solutions that will make an immediate impact on business.

Sklorenko works with customers on a partnership basis and uses a consultative approach to help customers achieve complete success, saying this:

“Our goal is to develop effective partnerships with our clients … To help our customers achieve complete success, we utilize a consultative approach and focus on understanding your overall business goals.”

Through its one-on-one approach and with its state of the art data hygiene solutions it can enable businesses to significantly improve data quality, eliminate wasted postage and make promotional campaigns more effective and less costly.