Different audiences respond to different touches and triggers when it comes to marketing. You can have the best list in the universe, but if you don’t reach your target at the right time with the right message, your marketing campaign won’t generate the desired results.

Father’s Day, which is just around the corner, is a great example. Just a few short weeks ago the focus was on Mother’s Day. So, are savvy marketers using the same triggers and touch points?

No. They aren’t doing the same thing because these two holidays are geared toward different markets with different needs. Men and women buy differently, and approach gift giving for these two holidays differently. It’s important to understand that in any marketing campaign.

For example, Mother’s Day marketing focuses on creating emotion and selling products that will make mom feel loved. Tried and true Mother’s Day gifts like spa days, dinner out with the family, jewelry and flowers are what buyers are looking for. A direct mail campaign or an ad may be all marketers need to do.

Father’s Day gifts are about what dad wants—the newest toy or gadget. And since women tend to be creative with gift giving, there is more opportunity to market non-traditional products. That means multi-channel marketing is a must for Father’s Day in order to reach these women at multiple touch points. These buyers will be thinking about something special and want to come up with a new idea. Reaching them via email, social media, advertising and direct mail will help lead them to your door to buy that special gift for dad.

When you create your next marketing campaign, think about what is really motivating your buyer and then where you need to reach that buyer to best tap into that motivation. Not all marketing should be the same—get more bang for your buck by finding the right touches and triggers.


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