WASHINGTON, DC – Mailing list marketers and regular business people are seeing the light about the effectiveness of direct mail and, as a result, more and more are using direct mail in their marketing efforts. This is true to the extent that two companies have teamed up to publish a free guide on the topic, and the advice given in the guide is short and sweet and right to the point.

The publication is entitled, “The 3-Minute Guide to Direct Mail” and is co-produced by The Mighty Copywriter out of Washington, DC and Bethesda List Center out of Bethesda, MD. It is available as a free download from either of their websites.

We have been advocating direct mail since inception of this blog and despite the recent growth in the use of social media and the integration of online marketing into the plans and programs of many businesses, incorporating the traditional, reliable “tried and true” basics of direct mail will usually bring success if applied intelligently. It is not difficult to learn. Any business can start using it to increase sales.

The publication of the guide was spawned by a recent surge in the popularity of direct mail and mailing list marketing. We believe this surge is due in no small part by the confluence of two factors: first, the economic recession putting a damper on advertising budgets and second, the realization by some business that they are getting their pants beaten off by small upstarts using direct mail.

Business is a blood sport and competition is fierce. Smart entrepreneurs and small startups will realize from their experience being on the receiving end of an effective competitor that they had better get smart fast with their marketing if they are to survive. Direct mail is often discovered to be the make/break factor in such a crisis. It can be deployed with a small to medium sized marketing budget and refined over time to maximize its effectiveness. Any business can do it and parts of the campaign can be done in-house or the entire campaign can be done with outside vendors.

Direct mail marketing campaigns are best done a little at a time with careful tracking of sales revenues versus production and mailing expenses. The idea is to figure out how to put together an effective mailing piece at low cost and then match it up with the best mailing lists and determine how often to mail. With careful tracking any business can discover how to produce the best results with the right combination of these basic factors.

The free guide will help you get started. You can download it from the Free Report page at the The Mighty Copywriter website.