The fall of USPS and the economic crisis led many marketers and business analysts to believe that direct mail marketing is fading away gradually. However, according to IBISWorld, direct mail marketing will become a rising trend within the next five years. Now that is some good news for the direct marketers. The incentives offered by USPS to direct mail marketers will play a major role in this.

Most of the time, digital marketing costs less than direct mail marketing. USPS has now come up with cheaper plans for direct marketers to divert their attention from digital marketing. USPS is also encouraging (by giving cheaper rates) its mailers to start using 2D barcodes in their direct mails.

Following are ten tips for direct mail marketers to attract the attention of their target customers:

1 Make your direct mails more personalized using the customer information that most of direct marketers have these days. This gives your direct mail a better chance of not being added to the junk mail

2 Data analysis can provide you with information, such as if your customers will actually be looking forward to your mails. The key is to know what your customers are currently looking for.

3 Remember their birthdays, anniversaries, and special days like mother’s day and father’s day, etc, and send your prospective customers special discounts on that special day.

4 You can use your direct mail to support your online marketing programs. Use the same lines, the same theme, and the same customer-attracting offers on both channels for a better customer experience.

5 Plan your marketing program while thinking about the actual customer and how he or she could benefit from your business.

6 QR codes are used more often by male customers and often totally ignored by female ones. So it makes sense to include these 2D codes in mail sent to male customers.

7 If you do something different with the envelope, you might catch the attention of your customers.

8 Understanding the customers is the first step towards planning a successful marketing strategy.

9 Make use of the latest technologies to add some spark to your mails.

10 Some discount coupons that come in the direct mail can be uploaded to the customer’s mobile phone. They can then use your coupons by just taking along their mobile with them to the desired store. This is an attractive offer for most customers.