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Reach Receptive Merchandise Buyers With a Consumer Mailing List

Our Consumer Collectible Mailing Lists allow you to reach consumers who collect valuable trinkets and antiques. Choose a list of catalog buyers, mail-order buyers and more. These lists may be segmented in a myriad of ways to deliver the individuals you are trying to target. These people shop across the country for special items to add to their collection. Our Mailing lists include both postal and email addresses. Purchasers of these files include novelty stores, thrift shops, figurine manufacturers, auction houses, home furnishings, conference organizers, prepared meal suppliers, internet providers, electronics suppliers and much more. Choose from the following Collectible Mailing Lists:

This Antique and Collectible Consumers Mailing List allows you to reach consumers that purchase collectibles for their personal collections or as gifts.

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The Catalog Buyers Mailing List allow you to reach consumers that purchase from catalogs for items such as apparel, electronics, and beauty products.

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This Consumer Gift Merchandise Mailing List allows you to reach consumers that purchase gifts for family, friends, and special occasions such as birthdays.

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For immediate assistance, Call: 800-741-0116 to speak with a collectible mailing list expert, email us, or submit a count request detailing your list needs. Or access our online count and ordering system.

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