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DMARC: Significantly Reducing Phishing Globally in First Year

There are 3.3 billion consumer emailboxes worldwide, and according to a recent analysis, DMARC protects two-third of them. Facebook, one of the largest email senders in the world, uses the same technology which helps prevent 85% of their users from receiving fraudulent emails claiming to be from Facebook. has published a press release that tells more about DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance).


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German Direct Mail Opt-In Law Worries Marketers

GERMANY – On September 1st 2009 the new direct mail opt-in law goes into effect in Germany.  This new law has caused the entire European marketing and data industries to become concerned – similar laws could soon come to the UK. Although the new changes don’t prevent direct mail marketing literature from being sent to potential customers, it will nevertheless restrict businesses from sending it out to the same mass audiences as they have […]

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Direct Mail Talks Starting Between U.S. and Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba – Today, officials sat down for the first time together to discuss restoring direct mail service between U.S. and Cuba. This is a small but positive move toward improved relations that comes after a bitter week of accusations over the extension of the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba.

The U.S. delegation is headed by Bisa Williams, who is the current deputy assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs. The negotiations are being […]

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Direct Mail Talks to Start Between U.S. and Cuba

WASHINGTON – Talks between the U.S. and Cuba are in the works to resume direct-mail service between the two countries for the first time in nearly half a century. On Sep 1st, 2009, diplomats made the announcement that talks are set to begin on Sept 17, 2009 as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to continue to try to engage the communist country.

Direct mail to Cuba stopped in 1963, and since then mail has […]

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