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Email Marketing: The Top Ways It Can Help Your Business!

In today’s increasingly digital world, online marketing is one of the most important things that businesses of all sizes — and from all areas of practice — can perform. In addition to content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and social media campaigns (such as those found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Snapchat and more), email marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing that you can include in your marketing mix.  No matter what […]

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Test Your Email Marketing IQ


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What is the Best Time to Reach Consumers with Financial Offers?

There are three keys to any successful direct marketing program in your financial services practice: the list, the offer, and the timing of the offer. All three have equal importance in getting the highest response rates possible.

Timing matters because customers act at the moment when they need something. Not before, not after, but when they need it. So timing your programs to coincide with times of need for specific products and services is critical. […]

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Use Infographics to Boost Your Marketing

If you want your audience to remember your message, using an image is always a good idea. People are visual, and images and infographics make an impact. Memorial Day is just around the corner, so it seemed apt to use this favorite American holiday as an example of how infographics can give your message impact. And a message with impact is a message that people share.

Before you look at the infographic, take this short […]

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Make an Impact this Mother’s Day

Did you know Mother’s Day is the third largest holiday in the United States in terms of dollars spent? In 2014, consumers spent $20 billion to make mom smile, according to the National Retail Federation. So mark your calendar—May 10 will be here soon, and today is the time to start reaching out to your customers.

Both search and email are important parts of Mother’s Day marketing. Almost three quarters (70%) of consumers will shop […]

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