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Why You Should Care if Your Data is Dirty

Why You Should Care if Your Data is Dirty
When was the last time you updated your marketing database? If you can’t remember, chances are you are using dirty data. Dirty data is outdated, is typically riddled with mistakes and is incomplete. Using it can negatively impact your entire organization. At worst, it will ruin not only your marketing campaigns, but your online reputation as well. Yet, many companies ignore data hygiene—according to Sirius Decisions […]

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Which Should You Use: Email and Social Media?

As a small business marketer, you often hear that social media is where you should be focused. Then you hear that you need to build an email list because email marketing is the most important thing you can do to drive business. So which is it?

Social media and email serve different marketing functions—both of which are important. Social media is perfect for starting a conversation and building your community. People engage with social media, […]

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3 Easy Steps to Building an Email List

Email is one of the most effective ways to increase sales: it is easy to target specific customers for special offers, it’s fast, and it’s affordable. The trick is, you have to have a good list. A good list for a small business is one that includes customers and prospects and that people have opted into. Building a responsive list takes time, but by following these three steps, you will be on your way […]

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Don’t Blame the List

Don’t Blame the List:
5 Ways to Improve Email Marketing ROI
If you want your email marketing campaign to be successful, the place to start is with a list targeted to the people who are interested in your products or services. Studies show that in any direct marketing efforts, a good list will increase response by 10:1.

So if you don’t get a the response you’re expecting from your email marketing, should you blame the list? Not […]

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