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Cable Marketing

Why Homeowners are Great for Cable Marketing

The more information you have about your prospects, the better your chances of making them loyal customers. This is especially true in the competitive cable market where creating loyal customers is critical to long-term success.

Homeowners are the perfect target audience for cable providers for a few reasons. The first is that people who own homes are more likely to invest in making that home a sanctuary—including having amenities such as premium cable and internet […]

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How to Get to Your New Customers First

As much as people research products and services, chances are they will end up buying from the business that first makes them a great offer. Make sure that business is yours with a pre-movers list.

Marketers have long used new movers and homeowner lists to reach people in particular geographic regions. And the lists are successful because those people need many new services in the first six months they live in their new home. But […]

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