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Email Marketing: The Top Ways It Can Help Your Business!

In today’s increasingly digital world, online marketing is one of the most important things that businesses of all sizes — and from all areas of practice — can perform. In addition to content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and social media campaigns¬†(such as those found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Snapchat and more), email marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing that you can include in your marketing mix. ¬†No matter what […]

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Direct Mail Offers What Other Marketing Methods Can’t

Technology has changed the world, and the world of marketing. There isn’t any disputing that. The capabilities and new avenues of marketing from email, to video and even social media marketing are all valuable marketing avenues. Yet for all the glitz and glamour that comes with technology and digital marketing, there is still no replacement for direct mail marketing.

There are several benefits afforded by direct mail that have yet to be replaced by any […]

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The Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns

In a world of digital marketing, many believe that direct mail campaigns have become prosaic. The truth is that the constant influx of emails and social media and the ease with which these can be sent (and deleted) has left our mailboxes rather empty. The same consumer that cringed when their mailbox overflowed with ads and coupons now searches for something tangible, which means those companies using direct mail are one step ahead of […]

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Test Your Email Marketing IQ


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