There is no better day to have a little bit of fun with your customers than on April Fools’ Day. Many companies do April Fools’ publicity stunts—who doesn’t love Google’s hijinks? It’s not too late to have some fun this year, especially if you’ve been building a good email marketing list. The key to a good prank that translates into a high response is to make sure it is still relevant to your audience. There are two kinds of pranks that work especially well for small businesses:

  1. A clever hoax. A quick online search for famous April Fools’ Day pranks and hoaxes will give you some good ideas. The Google hoaxes are always great. There are thousands of ideas out there that can be adapted for your business. Whatever you do, commit. You want to make a lasting impression.
  2. A good joke. Remember the Burger King “left-handed” Whopper? The idea was simple, funny, and effective. What kind of twist can you put on your products? Whatever you come up with, just have fun.

Your customers will enjoy whatever you come up with. If you manage to come up with a tasteful-yet-outrageous idea, you’ll give your customers a good laugh, and you will very likely make some more sales.


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