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Families of Active Duty Military Personnel Mailing List

Reach Military Families Across the Country

The Families of Active Duty Military Personnel Mailing List allows you to reach U.S. military families that have one or more members of the family currently serving in the U.S. military.

This military family database would include families who have an immediate member of the family in the military branches of Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force. These officers, soldiers, sailors, and airmen hold ranks such as Private, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Lieutenant, Admiral, Colonel, or General. The families of these enlisted men and women are often left on their own to manage day to day activities such as managing the household, raising children, and paying the bills. These families of active duty military personnel would purchase items such as automobiles, automobile insurance, school supplies, clothing, hygiene products, vitamins, home furnishings and decor, cookware, grocery items, cell phones, computer hardware, and software.

Purchasers of the Families of Active Duty Military Personnel Mailing List would include automotive dealerships, electronics suppliers, insurance agencies, prepared meal suppliers, grocery outlets, retail outlets, clothing stores, footwear suppliers, department stores, beauty and cosmetic suppliers, internet providers, health care providers, and support groups.

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