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Target Animal and Wildlife Donators and Volunteers

The Donators of Domestic Animal and Wildlife Organizations Mailing List allows you to reach individuals that donate time and or money to non-profits and charities supporting animal welfare.

This mailing list includes volunteers that give a portion of their income through donations toward the care and rehabilitation of domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, and endangered species such as sea turtles, tigers, some sea lions, gorillas, and African Penguin. These donators and volunteers believe in animal rights and the humane treatment of all animals. They donate and volunteer at humane societies, animal shelters, veterinarian clinics, charities, zoos, wildlife parks, and wildlife federations devoted to the care, research, and protection of animals.

Purchasers of the Donators to Domestic Animal and Wildlife Organizations Mailing List would include feed providers, supplement providers, animal bedding suppliers, chew toy providers, animal associations and charities, tack providers, leash and collar manufacturers, ID tag suppliers, animal grooming suppliers, animal cage providers, vaccination manufacturers, and animal rights groups.

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