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Dietitians/Nutritionists Mailing List

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The Dietitians/Nutritionists Mailing List allows you to reach dietitians and nutritionists at their home address.

These healthcare professionals are experts in the matter of food and nutrition impacts on health. A dietitian advises clients on food and nutrition preparation to maintain or restore a healthy diet and eating habits. Career opportunities for dietitians or nutritionists are in private practice, educational systems, hospitals, prison systems, professional athletics, public health, clinical settings, and long-term care facilities. Many times nutritionists are called upon to identify nutritional problems in various communities and to provide education and information on improving nutritional habits.

Clients for dietitians and nutritionists could include sports figures, the elderly, the obese, diabetics, school cafeterias, and hospitals. Purchasers of the dietician and nutritionist mailing list would include supplement providers, software providers, higher education providers, ongoing training providers, herb manufacturers, health food providers, fitness equipment providers, and weight management providers.

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