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Automotive Repair and Restoration Mailing List

Target Consumers That Restore and Build Automobiles

Looking for a new approach to market your automotive repair and restoration business? We have the solution. Incorporating direct marketing campaigns or Multi-Channel Marketing strategies into your advertising mix gets your message in front of consumers who need your products and services. So where do you start? It all begins with data.  Mailing Lists Direct provides the most complete and accurate automotive repair and restoration postal and email list to target consumers who restore, overhaul and repair their personal automobiles and trucks.

They purchase factory and aftermarket parts to keep their rides in top condition and to restore vintage classics like the Mustang, Chevy Nova, Camaro, or Corvette. They purchase headlights, brakes, rear-view mirrors, upholstery, transmission parts, ignitions, exhausts, suspensions, wipers, automotive tools, manuals, wheels, cleaning and waxing accessories, and tires. When the vehicle repair is a little more than the auto owner can handle, they depend on vehicle repair shops to get the job done right.

This list is comprised of household transactional data accumulated from sources like catalog, retail and internet sales and is updated monthly to ensure validity and accuracy. When ordering this list, you’ll receive pertinent information like the most recent purchase date for parts, purchase frequency over the previous 48 months, amount spent in the last 48 months and the consumer’s likelihood to purchase auto parts and accessories again to help you target your ideal audience.

Purchasers of the Automotive Repair and Restoration mailing list include automotive parts suppliers, auto accessory suppliers, paint suppliers, body filler providers, tire manufacturers, wheel manufacturers, and aftermarket auto part suppliers.

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