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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Father’s Day vs. Mother’s Day in the Marketing Arena

Different audiences respond to different touches and triggers when it comes to marketing. You can have the best list in the universe, but if you don’t reach your target at the right time with the right message, your marketing campaign won’t generate the desired results.


Father’s Day, which is just around the corner, is a great example. Just a few short weeks ago the focus was on Mother’s Day. So, are savvy marketers using the […]

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What is the Best Time to Reach Consumers with Financial Offers?

There are three keys to any successful direct marketing program in your financial services practice: the list, the offer, and the timing of the offer. All three have equal importance in getting the highest response rates possible.

Timing matters because customers act at the moment when they need something. Not before, not after, but when they need it. So timing your programs to coincide with times of need for specific products and services is critical. […]

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Combine Data Sets to Increase Your Coverage

Many marketers will spend their budget on single sourced lists. While this approach can show a return on your investment, it doesn’t account for the increase you could be seeing if you incorporated a multi-sourced data set into your strategy.


Most organizations who outsource their marketing data are looking to drive qualified new leads into the funnel. However, many companies are unaware the data they are using comes from one single source rather than from […]

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