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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Mailing List and Direct Marketing Discussed by Industry Experts

NORWALK, CT – In a two-part YouTube webcast produced by 1to1 Media and Peppers & Rogers Group, a management consulting firm out of Norwalk, CT, four industry experts explore the changing landscape of direct marketing and its impact on businesses and marketers today.

This post is the first of the two-part series and features the following industry experts:

Doug King – Marketing Specialist for Catalog and Direct Mail for the United States Postal Service (USPS)
Cat Moriarty […]

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Use Mailing Lists to Build Brand Loyalty

Businesses who wish to maximize ROI need to understand the dynamics of today’s marketing environment. Today, the most successful marketing is accomplished by a shrewd integration of online and offline marketing. The more traditional methods of direct mail and mailing lists play a key role.

But the smart marketer must also grasp the importance of brand loyalty because even with the best integrated marketing strategy, existing customers can drift away unless you keep them focused […]

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