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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Cost of Direct Mail vs Email and Catalog Marketing Examined

When embarking on any direct marketing program, the cost will be a key factor and marketers will do well to keep their eye on their bottom line.

Some direct marketing media will perform better than others. In the last few years there have been some shifts in profitability with email, direct mail and catalog marketing. The biggest change has been with email marketing.

Although email marketing has seen the biggest rise in ROI, catalog marketing and […]

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Sports Marketing Has Legal Ramifications

Marketers who promote products or services associated with sporting events or sports marketing need to steer clear of trademarked or copyrighted catchwords or phrases that are the intellectual properties of corporate entities.

For example, companies that are not officially affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) should be very careful what they say in their marketing campaigns now that NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is underway. Watchdogs at the NCAA are on the lookout for […]

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Marketing Study Shows Integrating Direct Mail and Email Will Improve ROI

COLUMBIA, MD – A new marketing study from the customer relationship marketing agency Merkle, Inc. shows that integrating email with direct mail in a company’s marketing programs will improve overall return on investment (ROI).

Integrated direct mail/email marketing programs do bring benefits on both sides of the ROI equation, costs and revenue. In contrast, email only or direct mail only campaigns done in isolation are less efficient.

Integrated programs are able to optimize contact strategy across […]

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Digital Marketing To Exceed Print Spending For The First Time in US

BURLINGAME, CA – A new report published by Outsell, Inc. shows that for the first time in the U.S., digital and online spending is expected to surpass spending for print marketing. The report is entitledAnnual Advertising and Marketing Study 2010: Total US and B2B Advertising and it predicts that US firms will spend $119.6 billion on internet advertising this year, compared with $111.5 billion on magazine and newspaper-based promotions.

The survey was conducted on 1,000 marketers […]

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GM and Ford Sales Jump While Toyota Sales Fall 8.7% in February

DETROIT, MI – Ford posted a 43 percent jump in February U.S. auto sales and General Motors posted an 11.5 percent increase for February as compared to last year’s sales. At the same time, Toyota’s February sales fell 8.7 percent because of a massive safety recall. This is the first time in almost 12 years that Ford outsold General Motors. Industry analysts attribute this fact to Ford’s grabbing sales from struggling Toyota. At the […]

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