Paul Volcker Recommends Reconstruction of U.S. Mortgage Market – Video

By | February 25th, 2010

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker states that the nation’s home mortgage market is in trouble and will have to be “reconstructed.” The statement comes from an interview with Bloomberg Television in February, 2010. Regarding the mortgage market, Volker states, “It’s totally dependent, heavily dependent on government participation.” Volcker goes on to say that it […]

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Better Business Bureau Name Stolen in Lottery Scam

By | February 15th, 2010

COLUMBUS, OH – Scam artists, claiming to be from the BBB (The Better Business Bureau) are fraudulently using the BBB’s name in order to steal large amounts of money from victims who are told that they won the lottery. The BBB is warning that several individuals were contacted over the phone or via email by […]

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