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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Mailing List Campaigns – How to Calculate ROI

In a previous article I discussed how to use an invoice ledger as a marketing tool in for amailing list campaign. In this article I will discuss how to use the expense ledger.

Understanding sales and income is necessary but it is only half of the equation. When usingmailing lists to expand your business it is vital to keep track of the costs as well as the income. By tying the cost of each promotional activity directly […]

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How To Buy Mailing Lists to Expand Your Business

How do you take advantage of mailing lists to expand your business? Taking advantage of buy mailing lists is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. You should be using your customer list as well as purchased mailing lists from a list broker. But even the best efforts to increase sales by using a mailing list can require very careful analysis and record keeping. In the previous article we discussed using your invoice and expenses ledgers […]

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How Mailing Lists Can Help Expand Your Business

Most any business can take advantage of mailing lists to expand their business. Even if you don’t currently use any direct mailing list campaign, your customer list is a valuable asset that can be utilized to grow your business. Hopefully you have also been keeping a record of your sales leads and the contacts you have made with them along with the various promotional actions that have been taken.

You should also have an invoice ledger – even if […]

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