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Integrate Your Campaign (Online and Direct Mail)

An article on puts emphasis on the need of integrating inbound marketing efforts with direct mail campaigns. The article provides some useful tips on how to design complementing direct mail and website’s landing pages. Read the full article by Rich McElaney to find out more details about these wonderful marketing tips.


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Drive Data to Your Leads

Jeff Adelson-Yan  writes for Asking Smarter Questions about proven tips for driving data to your marketing leads. According to him, the process of lead generation is nothing new and has been in use for quite some time. Read his entire article to find out what steps you need to take for making your marketing strategy a hit.


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Direct Marketers Struggle for Viability

The recession, hikes in postal rates, and the growing costs of printing and paper, are negatively affecting direct marketing companies. The postal rates have increased for the third time in three years and prices of all types of mail have increased by 4 percent. According to one direct marketer, the postal service is creating difficulties for themselves as well as the marketers by constantly inflating the prices. Tory N. Parrish discusses the importance of […]

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Marketing Study Shows Customers Prefer Direct Mail Over Email

IRVING, TX – A marketing services company has published a consumer preferences report which reveals that most consumers prefer direct mail over electronic media for most categories of product or service brands.

The 2011 Channel Preference Study is entitled, “The Formula For Success: Preference and Trust” and was undertaken by Epsilon Data Management LLC headquartered in Irving, TX about 30 miles northeast of Fort Worth and about 20 miles northwest of Dallas.

The report focuses on […]

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Marketing Report Reveals Direct Mail Trends For Mailing List Managers

SCHAUMBURG, IL – The marketing services division of the global information services company, Experian, has published a direct mail white paper showing that direct mail continues to be an effective way to reach new customers or reactivate old ones.

The marketing report, entitled “The Direct Marketing Report 2010″, is available from the Experian website as a free download in PDF format.

The report is filled with facts and figures to support its conclusions that there are […]

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Mailing List Marketing and Direct Mail: Topics at DMA 2011 Conference & Exhibition

BOSTON, MA – On October 6, 2011, the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) held their 2011 Conference & Exhibition in Boston, Massachusetts in which 231 attendees were present.

The event was held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Among the topics discussed were brand interaction, data, integration, networking, creating relationships, engaging customers and making adjustments in real-time.

In today’s marketing environment, the lines between marketing channels are blurring and integration is the key to success. There […]

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South Dakota Mailing List Campaign Attracts Businesses to State

PIERRE, SD — South Dakota has initiated a direct mail campaign to attract businesses away from other states and setup shop in South Dakota instead.

The direct mail piece used in the campaign features Gov. Dennis Daugaard along with the headline, “Tired of taxes? Call me.”

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development in Pierre, SD has the states of Illinois, Minnesota and California in its sights.

Pierre is located in Hughes County, South Dakota in the central […]

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Direct Mail Marketing Firm Uses QR Codes For Mailing List Campaigns

LARGO, FL – The Florida-based marketing firm, Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc., owned and operated by Cox Media, has developed an innovative use of QR codes for its Valpak direct mail coupon pack. The company plans to mail 80,000 direct mail pieces in the next two months which contain QR codes printed on the outside of the envelope and on individual coupons inside the mailer.

QR codes are a digital scanning technology similar to barcodes […]

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Mailing List Managers Vindicated: Study Reveals Direct Mail is Still King

RESTON, VA – Market information and research organization announces the release of a new marketing study on direct marketing.

In the new report entitled, “Trends and Future of Direct Marketing”, The Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) commissioned J Zarwan Partners, an outside consulting firm to conduct the study.

According to an April 29, 2011 press release from PRIMIR, the purpose of the study was “to investigate direct marketing and where opportunities exist for […]

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Direct Mail Primer Published in Response to Surge in Direct Mail

WASHINGTON, DC – Mailing list marketers and regular business people are seeing the light about the effectiveness of direct mail and, as a result, more and more are using direct mail in their marketing efforts. This is true to the extent that two companies have teamed up to publish a free guide on the topic, and the advice given in the guide is short and sweet and right to the point.

The publication is entitled, […]

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