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Direct Mail Innovator of Opt-Out List Dies

LONDON – A PR man from Washington, John Jay Daly, who was credited as the inventor of the concept that consumers could opt out of direct mail, has died of heart disease at the age of 80.

The US Congress was considering legislation in 1970 that would have restricted direct mail by requiring companies to get an explicit opt-in for each household.

Daly, who was then the deputy chairman of the US Direct Marketing Association, came […]

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Mailing List Campaigns – How to Calculate ROI

In a previous article I discussed how to use an invoice ledger as a marketing tool in for amailing list campaign. In this article I will discuss how to use the expense ledger.

Understanding sales and income is necessary but it is only half of the equation. When usingmailing lists to expand your business it is vital to keep track of the costs as well as the income. By tying the cost of each promotional activity directly […]

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How To Buy Mailing Lists to Expand Your Business

How do you take advantage of mailing lists to expand your business? Taking advantage of buy mailing lists is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. You should be using your customer list as well as purchased mailing lists from a list broker. But even the best efforts to increase sales by using a mailing list can require very careful analysis and record keeping. In the previous article we discussed using your invoice and expenses ledgers […]

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How Mailing Lists Can Help Expand Your Business

Most any business can take advantage of mailing lists to expand their business. Even if you don’t currently use any direct mailing list campaign, your customer list is a valuable asset that can be utilized to grow your business. Hopefully you have also been keeping a record of your sales leads and the contacts you have made with them along with the various promotional actions that have been taken.

You should also have an invoice ledger – even if […]

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Guide to a Successful Mailing List Campaign

Many businesses can increase sales and improve their bottom line by using direct mail. Sending out periodic direct response mailings will create inquiries that salespeople can convert to new sales and new customers. Doing so requires the use of quality mailing lists.

A small startup may be able to do it from their kitchen table, but most businesses – whether small, medium or large – will require a mailing list service to supply the names and […]

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Google Aims Deathblow At Microsoft OS Market

July 8, 2009 – Bloomberg reports that Google Inc. is developing a computer operating system based on its Chrome Web browser, taking aim at Microsoft Corp. in its strongest market. If this succeeds, it could be a deathblow to Microsoft.

Google blogged  in a recent post that their system will be designed at first for low-cost laptops called netbooks. The company is in talks with partners on the project and computers running the software will be available […]

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More Affiliate Marketing Killed by Amazon Tax Laws

There are a growing number of states in the US that are implementing taxation policies that are driving out many major vendors that use affiliate marketing.

This is a policy that started last year, originating in New York, and can potentially kill affiliate marketing.

This past Friday, Rhode Island issued notices to over 100 online businesses that they require states sales tax to be collected. Three major businesses – Amazon, Overstock and BlueNile told their Rhode […]

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As Mail Volume Declines Some Post Offices May Close

As mail volume declines, Post Offices are looking for a way to remain viable.

More than 3,200 post offices and retail outlets out of a total of 34,000 will be reviewed for possible closure or consolidation during the next three months.

The United States Postal Service is burdened by a multibillion-dollar deficit and may have to reduce the number of its operations and post offices across the country. Each year, hundreds of postal operations worry, but this […]

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